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Can Hearing Loss Be Restored?

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Almost 50 million Americans are affected by hearing loss, which has an effect on their relationships, health, communication and even the earning power of those who manage it. Plenty of those who have seen a hearing instrument specialist and are dealing with hearing loss ask one question: can hearing loss be restored?

The sad answer to that question is no, you cannot restore your hearing if it’s due to certain factors, but you may be able to restore it if it’s a result of earwax or other debris and blockages. Hearing loss is not easy for a person to cope with, but it does help to understand how it happens and what it means for you.

How we hear

It’s important to understand how we hear before you can understand why it can’t be restored in many cases:

  • Sound reaches the ear
  • It travels down the ear canal until it hits the eardrum
  • This then vibrates, transferring these vibrations to the bones in the middle ear which then work to amplify them.
  • The hair-like cells in the inner ear and cochlear then pick up these vibrations and transform them into electrical signals.
  • The brain then interprets those electrical signals as sound
  • In the moments where sound cannot reach the brain, hearing loss is the result.

This process is the same for everyone who is dealing with hearing loss, and it helps to know that when hearing loss occurs, it’s due to an interruption in the sound traveling to the right place.

How hearing becomes damaged

There are two types of hearing loss which most people deal with:

Conductive hearing loss

This is when the outer or the middle ear – or sometimes both – become damaged and blocked. With medical intervention, this type of hearing loss could be restored but it all depends on the blockage in the first place.

Sensorineural hearing loss

Given that excessive loud noise is damaging to the ears, this – along with age – leads to sensorineural hearing loss. This is permanent, with no medical procedure around that can fix it. In 90% of hearing loss cases, this is the reason. 

Hearing aids and hearing loss

Dealing with hearing loss requires a visit to a hearing instrument specialist who will be able to advise you on what to do next about it. Hearing loss isn’t likely to be corrected with surgery for those who have sensorineural hearing loss. When you are finding it difficult to hear, an appointment with your hearing instrument specialist can help. You’ll be assessed and the reason behind the hearing loss identified. Then, the correct hearing aids can be fitted to your ears and you can find some support in those to help you to hear once more. 

Why choose hearing aids

There are so many benefits to wearing hearing aids, so choosing not to could affect you in the long run. Here are some of the benefits of hearing aids:

Brain health is important, and when you use hearing aids, you can understand speech and other sounds, which can be a challenge without them. Plenty of studies have also shown that hearing aids can help to slow down the onset of dementia.

Physical health is the next big benefit of hearing aids, as those with hearing loss often stop doing physical activity in case of hurting themselves. Without being able to hear things around them, it’s hard to go running and enjoy the great outdoors. However, with the right hearing aids, this can cease to be a problem. You can be in the right environment with all of your faculties intact. You can stay healthy when you have hearing aids to help you along the way.

Your social life is an important part of your mental health and hearing aids can vastly improve this. When your hearing is improved, you won’t feel so isolated anymore. You will be able to see friends and enjoy their company knowing that you will be able to interact. It’s a good way to improve your communication with those around you as you’ll be able to hear the things that they are saying to you. You’ll be able to engage once more.

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