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Mobile Phones Compatible with Hearing Aids

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If there is one thing that’s evolving at a rapid rate in the world today, it’s technology. Everywhere you look, improvements have been made to make life easier and more comfortable, and it also helps us by delivering what we want, when we want it. Whether you are looking at glasses or hearing aids or more, medical technology is one such area that has made massive leaps over the years. In hearing aid technology, things are still growing and changing, but the initial feeling among the hearing impaired is that technology with hearing aids is getting better and better. 

Our sense of hearing is one of the basic senses that our body uses to get by every single day. It’s not something that we can control, but we notice it quite quickly when something isn’t working the way that it should. Experiencing hearing loss can be frustrating, but depending on the severity of your hearing loss, it can be treated. Hearing aids are a viable solution, but in the modern world we live in today, finding the right accompaniments to enhance their use is important!

The one area that concerns most hearing aid users is their cell phone. Any hearing instrument specialist will be able to advise you the best hearing aids out there, but more than that, they can tell you which cell phones are compatible with your hearing aids – and there are a lot of them! From Bluetooth hearing technology to the evolution of the iPhone and Android phones, hearing aids are more compatible with cell phones than they ever have been before. Of course, not every single cell phone is keeping up with the changes in technology, and it’s for this reason it’s so important to know which cell phones are right for you!

Features to consider

Choosing the right cell phone for your hearing aids is easy enough when you know what features you should be considering. Here are some of those that you should look for:

  • Declared as hearing aid compatible. The rating is between M1-M4 and M2-3 is the norm for most as it allows for better amplification
  • Earpiece design, you need to find the right ones that will fit alongside your hearing aids
  • Your phone needs a text mode to make life easier in busy situations
  • Video chat is a must if you use sign language!
  • Vibration alert can help to let you know a call is coming through
  • Hands-free function for ease of use

What is a telecoil?

T-coils work as a wireless antenna for your hearing aid and there are some hearing aids out there that use this technology to receive sound. You can link this technology to certain cell phones, and they are adept at not picking up too much background noise to interfere with your hearing. This technology is used in public and works well in theaters and movie theaters. If you prefer to use T-Coil technology, then finding cell phones under the guidance of your hearing instrument specialist is important.

Microphone-compatible cell phones

There is a microphone inside your hearing aids that are designed to catch the sound waves. These are then converted into electrical signals which are amplified and fed back into audible sounds. The user can then hear, but these microphones aren’t always best with telephone handsets and headsets. The American National Standards Institute ensured that the cell phone microphones are compatible with cell phones and the higher the M rating the phone has, the higher the signal quality. 

Hearing aid apps

There are hearing aids that come with their own apps out there, which your hearing aid instrument specialist can recommend. These can be easily programmed to fit your unique needs, and you don’t have to leave your home to do it! The apps work to calculate the best setting for you also you can then retest it any time you like to ensure the best possible comfort. The use of an app is convenient, easy and you can access it at any time to suit you. Choosing the right hearing aid apps will depend on your type of hearing aid and whether it will be possible for you to link yours to it.

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