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Hearing Aid Batteries

When it comes to your hearing aid, there is one key piece to these devices that keep them functioning: hearing aid batteries. These batteries come in different varieties, from rechargeable to disposable. The disposable hearing aid batteries are color-coded by size, and when the small seal is removed, the battery activates. You do not want to pull these tabs until you are ready to place them in your hearing aids.

Hearing aid batteries are notoriously small and difficult to handle for many people. A little practice usually makes it easier for most people, but some patients prefer to buy rechargeable hearing aids (if they are available) for this reason.

While you can buy hearing aid batteries at many retail sites, it's typically recommended to purchase them from your hearing health center. NuTech Health & Hearing offers plans for batteries when you purchase hearing aids. Make sure to buy fresh batteries in sealed containers. 
These tiny batteries used to include mercury as a component, but they no longer include this as it is poisonous. The battery today is zinc-air activated. When you peel the backing, wait about one minute and place the battery in your hearing aid. Today's hearing devices have an alert that the battery is working and an alert when it is nearly dead.

Although the hearing aid is a complex machine, the batteries have remained relatively simple in design and choice. Four main sizes power nearly all devices:

  • 675 – color blue, largest regular battery for most powerful hearing aids
  • 13 – color orange, medium size battery
  • 312 – color brown, medium size battery
  • 10 – color yellow, smallest regular battery

Battery life depends on the condition of the hearing aid, the age of the battery, the volume and connected use of the device, as well as how long the hearing aid is worn each day. Always remove the batteries at the end of the day by opening the tray and stopping the connection with the internal metal port.

Choosing a hearing aid can seem like a daunting task, but the battery choice is quite simple. Your hearing professional will help you choose all aspects of your new hearing device: size, shape, power, connectivity and battery. Call today to start jour journey to better hearing!