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Hearing Aid Repair

One of the most helpful habits you can get into when you own hearing aids is to learn how to clean and maintain these devices. Along with changing batteries, this is an activity you will frequently do. It is important to keep hearing aids dry, free of oil and earwax and placed where they can’t get damaged. Part of helping keep your hearing aids clean is to keep your ears free of earwax buildup. We show patients how to do this, too.

Every so often, something goes wrong. Hearing aids are fragile electronic instruments and susceptible to breakage and clogging. When this happens, the specialists at NuTech Health and Hearing can evaluate the problem and repair it. Small wires are particularly vulnerable to breaking. In some cases, the damage is more severe, and these devices will be sent to the manufacturer for repairs. Either way, our technicians are available to help with any questions about cleaning and repairing your devices.

Water is one of the most damaging elements to your hearing aids. Even excess humidity can be a problem. Wiping your aids every day is a good practice to start. Never heat the hearing aid to dry it. If you did not receive a carrying case for your hearing aids, ask for one from your provider. Keep the devices in the case whenever you are not wearing them. One of the biggest causes of damage is removing a hearing aid, setting down and having it fall to the floor.


There is a basic troubleshooting procedure you should try before seeking repairs:

  • Be sure your hearing aid has a fresh battery and is turned on. This is often a forgotten step.
  • Turn up the volume if you have volume control
  • Check to see if the wireless connection is on but not receiving
  • Check the tubing (if you have a behind-the-ear device) for clogs, kinks or disconnections.
  • Check to see if water has gotten into the hearing opening, or if earwax is clogging the filter.

Hearing aid repairs should always be performed by authorized experts, which is why we offer this as one of our many beneficial services. Call NuTech and ask a technician any questions you have about malfunctioning hearing aids and repairs. Our hearing technology specialist is comfortable working with multiple styles and types of hearing aids and will work with you to make the proper fixes for your device.